You take a glance at your calendar and realize it's overflowing with the beautiful chaos of life. Schedules are full and there's little free time to spare. You try and remember the last time you did something for yourself. Something spontaneous and out of the ordinary. When was your last date night? When is the last time you snuggled up holding hands before 11 pm on a weeknight? Life is busy. I get it. I've been there. I'm living that same life. I also know how important it is to give yourself the well deserved time with one another. A reconnect. A chance to actually look at one another without interruptions. A moment to jump on the bed and run around the hallways throwing pillows at one another getting lost in laughter. Relationships can be sucked dry and get lost with how busy life is, don't let it. Let's make sure that doesn't happen together.


My goal this year, and always, is for my clients to have the same appreciation for product as me. It's been a tough past two months to say the least. After tragically losing our first dog to cancer, my heart knows more than it ever has how imperative it is to have the physical photographs displayed on our homes walls. Printed photographs are invaluable, whether that is in the form of a leather bound album, or a framed gallery wall. This years focus will be revolved  around all the product options that are available after your session. Know that I am so incredibly thankful for each and every one of you. I don't take sessions lightly. You're investing in me, my vision, my talent, my time, and I want to invest just as much energy into you! I want to physically show you how life changing photography is outside of the digitized world.

bridgett shepherd photography

If you've never booked an in-home session before, trust me you won't regret it. They take place in the comfort of your own home, flexible scheduling, and you can wear your favorite sweatpants and hoodies. No rules, no make up artists, no travel, no stress! Still have questions? Let's chat! 

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Want to snag some product deals? I want you to, too! Anyone who books a couples in-home session in the month of February will receive 20% off a leather bound album! WHAT? What are you waiting for? Let's make magic.